Health Benefits of Having a Dog at Home

Research shows dogs may truly be our best friends

Dogs are such fun lovable pets

Pets are good for your health

People tend to say that dogs, and pets in general, are good for your health. We usually hear this phrase from people who own dogs. A lot of people just brush this off, but there are actually numerous scientific studies proving this, so it’s clear that there are many ways in which owning a pet can have very positive effects on your happiness and well being.


“The human-animal bond bypasses the intellect and goes straight to the heart and emotions and nurtures us in ways that nothing else can…” – Karin Winegar, Author. (From her book: “Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform.” (Da Capo, 2008)

Autumn fun with your dog!

That statement pretty much sums it all up. Most people have a very positive reaction to dogs. Dogs are all about playing and having fun, there is no stress or pressure associated with them. Dogs look for affection from humans which creates a lighthearted and stress-free bond. They can make you forget the troubles of everyday life. You don’t have to make an effort to impress a dog, since they naturally feel your love and positive emotions towards them. You don’t need to worry that you will be judged negatively by your pet. Many studies have shown that many pet owners with close bonds to their pets feel their pets are their “non-judgmental friends.” They also help reduce feelings of loneliness and fulfill our need for touch.

Wow such a smart dog!

Dogs positively affect their owners’ health and lower stress

If you own a dog, having to take it for a walk is a great way to get that necessary exercise, reduce stress, and even a way to meet and socialize with your neighbors. In her article, research scientist Karen Allen “Are Pets a Healthy Pleasure? The influence of Pets on Blood pressure,” finds that studies show that dogs have various positive effects:

  • They help lower blood pressure
  • Have a positive effect on depression
  • Improve heart attack survival rates
  • Help make seniors’ physician visits easier
  • Reduce cardiovascular risk factors
  • Reduce children’s blood pressure levels in stressful situations
  • Improve productivity and lower stress in work environments
So funny!

Dogs and cats make great furry therapists

Dogs, cats and other pets can really make great companions for the blind, disabled, those experiencing depression or mood disorders, they assist children in learning to read and even help treat those with autism.

Pets make kids so happy!

Dogs are a great way to get yourself some healthy exercise, so check out this article where we discuss fun fitness products for you and your dog.

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